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About this Website

UpToCode is a free website that gives tenants the power to solve landlord problems. It’s funded by the national Legal Services Corporation and Massachusetts nonprofits.

UpToCode includes a translated and easy to read English version of the Massachusetts Sanitary Code, the law that lists the requirements that Massachusetts landlords must follow. It helps tenants:

  1. discover their rights under the law,
  2. report problems to their landlord, a city housing inspector, or the court,
  3. get a court order to enforce repairs or to get compensation for illegal landlord actions.

MADE: UpToCode was originally authored by Quinten Steenhuis in 2021 in partnership with Massachusetts Law Reform Institute as part of the COVID Eviction Legal Help Project legal services component.

In 2022, the Legal Services Corporation and Northeast Legal Aid funded a major revision with new features, including the ability to file a complaint in court.

Community organizations La Colaborativa and Lynn United for Change played a special role in co-design of this website.

“MADE: UpToCode” includes code from the Document Assembly Line project.

View code on GitHub.

© 2022 Northeast Legal Aid, Quinten Steenhuis and open source contributors under an MIT license.

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