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Usted se merece un hogar seguro y decente

Everyone has a right to a safe home—without any bad housing conditions. This online tool will help you find out if your home is safe according to the state sanitary code. It will help you get the repairs you need.

You can solve your housing problems

Conozca las diferentes formas de resolver sus problemas de vivienda.

Documente el problema

Keeping good records is important. It’s good to have proof of the problem and how long it has existed.

Notifique a su arrendador

El arrendador es responsable de arreglar los problemas que conoce. Make sure your landlord knows about problems in your house by telling them, even if you think that they should already know. You have a right not to be retaliated against for making a complaint to your landlord about bad housing conditions.

Llame a un inspector de vivienda

Everyone has the right to have their apartment inspected by an official to make sure the apartment is up to code. If you live in public housing or have a Section 8 voucher, the Housing Authority will inspect your home at least once a year. You can call if you need them to come sooner. Find your inspector here.

Get an order from a judge

Get an emergency order or an order for your landlord to pay you money.

Detenga su desalojo

You can use the sanitary code to defend against an eviction. Stop my eviction.

Usted elige qué hacer. UpToCode helps you get the repairs you need.

Cómo funciona

Up To Code le ayudará a resolver los problemas debido a las malas condiciones de su hogar.


Controle los problemas que tiene en cada habitación de su casa.


Elija el siguiente paso para conseguir que su arrendador solucione los problemas.


Descargue los documentos que este sitio web crea para usted.

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Este sitio web es seguro

Es ilegal que el arrendador haga algo que le perjudique porque usted pida reparaciones. El arrendador no puede subirle el alquiler o intentar desalojarle porque le cuente sobre las malas condiciones de su casa.

Rápido, gratuito y fácil de usar.

La mayoría de los inquilinos tardan unos 20 minutos en utilizar este sitio web.

UpToCode made it easy for me to inspect my apartment on my own and document the problems. Now that I know my rights as a tenant, I've been sharing what I learned with other people.

Chelsea, Massachusetts